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Re: free space between partitions

Ian T. wrote:
Hi all.
    /dev/hda has some issues.  It is showing freespace that starts and ends
at the same place.  I get warnings that the boot loader may not like this.
I've been living with a boot floppy along side windoz (no scanner support)
and would prefer to have grub manage my boot sequence.

I have the iso's on my /dev/hda5 and am trying to install from there.

I have installed a new Maxtor 40 GB AT D740X-GL and this is /dev/hda

    The partitioning as the installer sees it is as follows:

Free space - 1 1 0M Free space

/dev/hda1 - 1 447 3506M vfat

/dev/hda2 - 448 1506 8307M vfat

Free space - 448 448 0M Free space

/dev/hda5 - 448 1085 5004M vfat

Free space - 1086 1086 0M Free space

/dev/hda6 - 1086 1468 3004M vfat

Free space - 1469 1469 0M Free space

/dev/hda7 - 1469 1506 298M vfat

Free space - 1507 4867 26359M Free space

Stupid question, but did you partition this drive, THEN switch to LBA mode? The fact that the "free space"s are 0 tracks AND coincide with the start of legitimate partitions smells a bit like that's what happened. If so, then leave it in LBA mode and purge the partition table off the drive. Then re-partition it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Rick Stevens, SSE, VitalStream, Inc. rstevens vitalstream com - - 949-743-2010 (Voice) http://www.vitalstream.com - - - - "OK, so you're a Ph.D. Just don't TOUCH anything!" - ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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