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Re: FTPing

I had nothing but problems with gftp from 7.0 -> 7.1. Many crashes and strange wedging behavior. My prefered FTP client is ncftp from the command line. Excellent facilities!

-- John

Meph Istopheles wrote:

Using gftp is really good if you'd come from Windows & used ws_ftp -- they're very simillar. But, for some odd reason, my current RH 7.2 install (& with a compiled version of gftp) gftp does some very odd & annoying things -- like deleteing a file I'd wanted to change the permissions on, or changing the permissions of a directrory when I'd clicked a file I'd tried to do that to.

Now, after many years of not even looking at the command line ftp, I'm finding it quick & easy -- plus, where gui ftp agents are notorious for not overwriting existing files on the server with an edited version you're uploading, the commandline version really ~does~ overwrite. I like it!


On Monday 31 Dec 2001 1:44 am, you wrote:

I use gftp program.
You maybe find it under gnome's -- inernet -- gftp (popup)
Or try from command prompt
# gftp
( X has to be started already)
       * * *

"Deependra B. Tandukar" wrote:

Happy New Year !

How to transfer web pages in my Linux box to My Web Server
through Internet?


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