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RE: Home Network

Like I said I'm really naive at this.  The cheep box is a cheapo hub (4 port
10/100 - $19 US)

If 7.1 installed ipchains/iptables by it's self then yes they are installed
as I didn't use them.

OK here is the full setup

My corner of my wife's bedroom - Dell GX1, 350Mhz, Pentium III with RH 7.1
goes to hub under sewing table (wife's not mine).  I have a 4 port wall
adapter on wall under sewing machine.  Cat5 wires going to two bedrooms (son
Sam, daughter Audrey).  one Cat5 wire goes down two floors to basement to
spare bedroom/room of exile.

Nice color printer in my corner, cheep color printers in son and daughters
rooms, B&W printer in basement with scanner.  CD writer in My computer.

Future plans, second hub in basement with Cat5 wire going up through floor
to family room.  Also more Cat5 to different rooms (radio room) in basement.

Repeat of problem.  Linux box does not always see windows machines and at
the same time windows boxes do not see Linux box.  But if I tinker, do ping,
shutdown and restart, stand of left foot while reading Nutshell everything
works - I can transfer files or print to different printers.  That lasts
until I reboot or fall off left foot.



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> Mugleston, Brad wrote:
> > Hub (if that is the dumber of the two) and TCP/IP and Samba.  Windows 95
> is
> > on the windows machines and RH 7.1 on the other side.  Before 7.1 I had
> 6.0
> > and no problems - someone would turn on their machine and if they needed
> > something on an other machine just turn that on and go for it.  Now the
> > linux box sees to be out of the loop most of the time.
> So the cheap box has multiple NICs (netcards) in it and is acting like
> a hub?  What OS is on it?  Why not buy a cheapo hub (a 5 port 10/100
> switching hub only costs about $60 US).
> Do you have ipchains/iptables installed on the 7.1 box?  6.0 doesn't
> install ipchains by default and 7.1 does.
> My network at home uses an SMC Barricade unit (4 port 10/100 switch,
> wireless access point, serial and parallel ports, router/firewall,
> about $150).  My living room, guest room and bedroom all have CAT5e
> hard wired to the Barricade, and my laptops all have wireless ethernet
> cards.  One hardwired system is WXP, one is WME, two are Linux, the
> laptops switch between W2K/WXP and Linux.  Works fine, lasts a long
> time.
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