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RE: HP Vectra's & Linux

I've had some experience with Dell. They too, are worthless for running
Linux. At least when compared to some of the local built systems...

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On Sat, 12 Jan 2002, Weston Rogers wrote:

Ugh.  HP's run linux worse then any other prefab system I've ever seen.

I hate telling people to buy prefabs, but if you have to, and if you are
going to run linux on them, go with dell, or something like Penguin
Computing workstations (or VA linux, but I've had bad experience with them
and their servers, penguin on the other hand is top notch).

A Gateway will EAT up NT and run it like a champ, (well, as good as NT will
ever run... LOL) but they just suck for *nix.

Good luck trying to convince your "IT department".  I was a Network Admin in
a school campus Environment for a few years, and since I was seperate from
the so called "IT department" it got pretty intresting at times, considering
it took all 4 of them to install a network printer (not to mention 3 days of
them working on it) So needless to say I had to pound it into their head
that Gateway is worthless.


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Our department offers a "Fundamentals of Linux" course.  In the future,
we plan to add additional courses as the demand builds.  This requires
us to be very selective of the PC systems we chose for the Linux
computer labs.   At our community college, we have an ITS department
that has strong input into the PC's choosen for the college.  This is
where my questions and concerns arise.

This year our department is having the eight computers in a lab
upgraded.  The ITS department has choosen the HP Vectra VL 420 P4 as the

standard.  Research at the HP website has indicated that HP doesn't
support the use of LInux on this platform.  We've conducted RH7.1 and RH

7.2 installs with reasonable success.   Also, RedHat states they have
conducted compatability certification on the ASUS P4B-MX motherboard
contained in the HP Vectra is system.  It did pass everything except the

sound and advanced LAN tests.  Unfortunately, the HP Vectra VL420 P4
doesn't use the native BIOS which is an Award BIOS.  The HP uses an
AMI BIOS.   For those not very familiar with this motherboard it has an
onboard sound card and NIC.  Personally, I don't like this but can
anyone give us some warnings and/or suggestions with this system.

We meet with the ITS rep and an HP salesperson in a week, so we want to
be armed with the facts.  If we can show these systems to be
incompatable with Linux in general, we'll be permitted to purchase some
slightly more expensive systems from Dell which are documented to
support Linux.

Thanks for you help in advance,

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