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Re: linux single mode, booting GRUB

On Fri, 18 Jan 2002 14:05:48 -0800 (PST)
Agent SMITH <ma3x_smith yahoo com> implied:

> Hello my friends,
> I managed to go through GRUB, and actually start linux single!
> (thanks Russel) Eventually i get to a command line prompt 
> sh-2.05#
> i tried typing in "passwd" and changing it, but i assume it only
> affected the GRUB itself, since i could not login as root! 

What did you get when you typed passwd? Did it ask you for a password
twice? If so, you simply need to reboot or go to runlevel 3 or 5 and use
it. You can type 'exit' to continue booting, or force it into a runlevel
with 'init <runlevel>" with 3 being text and 5 being graphic. Once there
you should be able to login as root.

I don't recall the original message. If you had problems with user
accounts, once root is logged in you can use 'passwd <username>' to
change the password(s) for any user(s) that had problems.

> so, i am now at
> sh-2.05#
> assuming this must be linux single (nothing else i did, so...) What
> do i do to recover my system to boot properly?

If the passwd stuff above doesn't work, it would appear something is
amiss with things. I'd look for evidence of unauthorized entry by
someone from outside, a malicious user on your machine, or something
going bad with pam (permissions or something). You might be able to
recover things (if it's a pam problem) by starting a reinstall as
expert, choosing upgrade, choosing custom, reselecting the pam packages
(and not much else needed, but selecting to reinstall anything that is
already installed shouldn't hurt) and letting it run its course. then
you can choose to use lilo or stay with grub at the end.

If you find or suspect (strongly) that someone has been doing malicious
things, I'd wipe it and reinstaall from scratch. Otherwise you'll never
be able to trust anything that's installed already.

> And, a couple of side questions - i'd really like to get your
> thoughts on these:
> 1. do you think GRUB has caused the loss/corruption of the identity
> files, and actually locked me out of the system?


> 2. would you recommend for me to switch to LILO as my default boot
> manager? fancy looks do not count for me, when it comes to
> reliability and quality of service, so, skip remarks re: mere color
> enhancements. =)

I can't reliably answer that. I've tried grub twice, and twice it failed
to work. I've stayed with lilo because of that.

> 3. should you have the time, have a look at my planner for next week
> at http://www.nwcair.com/planner.html

I did. I don't drink and don't assist others in that endeavor. I don't
condemn it, I just don't participate in my, or anyone else's, usage.

Congratulations!  You are the one-millionth Windows customer to
receive that STOP code!

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