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Re: Installing on an existing partition.


I have two computers here with NT4 server and GNU Linux on the same hard drive, different partitions. Just be wary that the /boot (or /) linux partition should be below cylinder 1024 on the disc if using LILO.

I did see some info about W2K and linux co-existing on the same drive (can't remember where) but there wasn't really anything more than the above to worry about. Just plan whether lilo/grub/ntloader is going to do the booting from the MBR.

I usually put NT4 on first then load linux so I can make it dual boot first. I strongly recommend making a boot floppy when the linux installation asks for it.

There must be some proper instructions somewhere.



Angel Gabriel wrote:
I was wondering, if it would be possible, to install red hat on the same HD that has a partition that already has w2K server on it.

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