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Re: .bin file; installing java?

On 15:26 24 Jan 2002, Agent SMITH <ma3x_smith yahoo com> wrote:
| i noticed there is a java-based icq client and decided to give it a
| try. during install, it cried about a missing jdk set of files. just
| as a typical newbie would do, i visited SUN.com and read that jdk
| 1.1.3 is now obsolete and that it is strongly recommended that users
| migrate to the higher 2.X.X. version, which is also available for
| linux, but is called SDK?!? regardless, i downloaded the RedHat RPM
| file, which now turns out to be called
| j2sdk-1_3_1_02-linux-i386-rpm.bin, meaning that the Package Manager
| cannot handle it. how do i handle this 26MB beast file? using what
| tools do i slay the dragon? =)

Run the file command on it:

	file j2sdk-1_3_1_02-linux-i386-rpm.bin

and see if it's an RPM or an executable (probably a shell script).
If it's an rpm you should be able to install it like this:

	rpm -iv j2sdk-1_3_1_02-linux-i386-rpm.bin

(RPM files don't need to end in .rpm - the funny name may well be
a "make sure FTP clients download this in binary form" trick.)

If it's an executable then this:

	chmod +rx j2sdk-1_3_1_02-linux-i386-rpm.bin

will run it, and either unpack into an RPM, or unpack and install an RPM.

There should be instructions on Sun's site anyway though.

| and last but not least - do i really need all the 26MB of SDK to run
| a simple icq requiring a minimum of jdk-1.1.1? 

No - the JRE would do you - about 4MB or so as I recall.
What you have is the development kit, which you need to write Java programs.
It includes the JRE.
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