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Re: Instant messanger programs working through a firewall


I believe it is possible to restrict activities over certain ports in iptables and ipchains or remove restrictions simply by customizing the firewall config file that these packages read. WinProxy restricts programs through ports in the same way, although there are checkboxes for some popular programs in "Setup". Some of these restrictions may be out of your reach (unlikely).

I used to use a Windows box running WinProxy as my dialout / firewall box but WinProxy had too many odd problems that I couldn't explain. Also, Ositis does not retain updates for their products on their web site so unless you archive the updates, you're screwed. Why put up with this nonsense when you can get a solid and free firewall under Linux?

Now my main server is a Linux box and the Windows side of this machine is nothing more than a subsiiary game machine.

-- John

Angel Gabriel wrote:

I currently have a windows box running WinProxy that takes care of =
internet access, and this is only because I have a DSL connection that =
uses a USB modem. With this setup, I'm having problems allowing certain =
internet actions to work. For instance, it's not possible for someone to =
play Yahoo Games. It's also not possible for File transfers to take =
place between MS Messanger clients.

has any one used a linux firewall to overcome these problems?

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