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RE: User can't access gnome

Thanks Very much, now I get it.  I was su to those users.  That was the
problem.  Now what config file can I edit to change the default desktop for
users to KDE?

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Mertens wrote:

>I must be really thick, this makes no sense to me.  As I understand this,
>since I'm booting to run level 3, root has to startx.  This means I have to
>give all mu users the root passsword.  No way!!
Not at all. Any user can log in at the console and run startx to get the
As I said, my home machine boots runlevel3. all 4 accounts( root, me,
my wife, and my son) can login and run startx.

>As root I can startx, and as my own login I can startx.  Since we booted to
>run level3, no login screen appears when starting x.
Who else is logged into the machine?
Make sure everyone logs out, use 'who' to see who is there first.

Now, log in as a user. startx will then work.
If 2 users login, or you use su to change users, it won't work.
The first login get private access to certain devices
so another user cannot run X.

If *only one* user is logged in, and they cannot run startx,
you have a configuration problem to fix. It will require
some debug information.


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