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Re: ASP+IIS+MSSQL 2000 & Perl+mySQL+Apache

I'm not sure you can actually log into mail servers and automatically be
logged into web servers, I think they are kept separate for security
reasons.  It is easy for you to setup the web, ftp and mail account to use
the same user name and password, but that doesn't mean that you will be
logged into all of them automatically.  ( web and mail servers are kept
separate, even physically separate sometimes ), unless you want to use
cookies to keep user info in their computer so they can have access to
web-based email / ftp / web files, for which you would also need the
front-end softwares for the email and web management.

Sorry, but this is as much as I can think of right now, and I know it
doesn't answer your question fully.


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Subject: ASP+IIS+MSSQL 2000 & Perl+mySQL+Apache

> Assalamualaikum,
> we have two win2k servers, where we are running
> various services, mail, greetings, forex etc. to avail
> this u will have to register yourself for that
> specific service. after creating ur account u r able
> to browse through our services. backend is
> now our one service (free web hosting) is running on a
> linux server, that software/program is written in
> Perl+mySQL+Apache,  combination.
> now what is the scenario, we would like to make one
> single authentication, one time i.e a user comes login
> to his email, he could also make changes to his
> website, if he wants. the same if he logins to free
> webhosting service, he should be able write or check
> his mails. so now let me know if it is possible? if so
> how ...? the same way if he signs up for a free
> webhosting service, we want his id to be created for
> mail & everyother service. it means one id & one
> password for all services, regardless of opearting
> system, environment.
> so is this possible or not ? if so how ... ?
> -Meraj
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