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Re: Ethernet connection

This could be a hack, and I'm sure someone will chime in if I'm

I think it is because the network is initializing before the pcmcia
service. Try renaming the S*network to a number after S*pcmcia. 

For instance, on my system I normally boot into runlevel 3. So in that
directory (/etc/rc3.d/), where my pcmcia is S24pcmcia, i'd rename the
S10network to S25network.

I think that should solve it. YMMV.


On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 20:29, Martin & Sylvia Harris wrote:
> I have RH 7.3 installed (from download discs) on a Dell Latitude CPx
> 500MH
> Laptop.  I am trying to connect to the internet by ADSL through a
> xircom
> RealPort Cardbus REM56G-100 (Combo with 56K Modem).  It works fine
> with
> Win98.  It appears that the connection is being made because the
> lights on
> the DSL modem and the ethernet card are lit up.  However, I am not
> able to
> activate it in the Network Configuration.  I have it set to activate
> when
> computer starts.  I obtain IP address settings with DHCP. Since that
> wasn't
> working, I also configured a DSL connection.  The DSL will activate
> for
> about 30 seconds. Obviously, I have done something incorrectly.  It
> doesn't
> show when I do a hardware browse.  Any suggestions?  The hardware
> compatibility website shows that the driver is xirc2ps_cs and that it
> is
> located on the installation CD.  How do I find it? In which .rpm would
> it
> be?  and in what directory in the Linux installation should it be if
> it was
> installed correctly?
> Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.  I would like to
> avoid
> buying a new network card if I can avoid it.
> Martin Harris
> msharris72 msn com
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