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Re: Permissions

Kalum / Grendel wrote:

On 12 Jul 2002, Marlin Borsick commented thusly,

I created a fat partition during a Linux 7.3 install. I tried to change
the permissions to allow myself, the only user, to read, write, and
execute files on the fat partition. Unfortunately, only the root can do
so and has ownership along with the root group. When I try to make the
change, either from the command line or the GUI, it can't be done.

Where I can make this change? I need to make this partition readable by
both Linux and Windows to copy files back and forth and do not wish to
do so as the root.

To do this, create a group called say win98usr, and say its gid is 505, then change the fstab line so it looks like something below which is my setup...

/dev/hda1 /mnt/win98 vfat uid=0,gid=505,umask=002

Or leave the gid alone and, just use umask=000.
Or set add the user and noauto options.

I use autofs to mount the filsystems only when needed.
Then the user who caused the mount can writ to it.
And it'll unmount when not being used, which I think is
safer for non journled filesystems.


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