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Re: Configuration Question

On Tue, 16 Jul 2002,  Thomas Dodd commented thusly,

> Kalum / Grendel wrote:
> >Since you are new to linux, to get the maximum ppossible benefit and ease
> >of hardware detection, please use mandrake linux, just give RH 7.3 the
> >skip and getmandrake from linux-mandrake.com, its hardware detection and
> >newbie friendliness in unparalled.
> >
> I'm currious why you still post to the Red Hat lists.
> 80% of you answers are use Mandrake.
> Why not go to a mandrake list where you can help someone.

Linux is is linux, there still are a lot of non redhat specific things in
which I can help people.

Also you cant fault me for trying to help people, we all know that
mandrake is better at hardware detection and has a much better ease of
installation than any other linux distribution. If you havent tried
mandrake then please do try it on a spare partition and you will be

So if a newbie asks about installing linux my first answer is go and get
mandrake, because it will cause him the least problems. Just see how many
installation problems the Rh 7.3 release has come in to, it doesnt work in
situations where the 7.2 installer worked, bad second cd etc ,etc...

If you can give me reasons that redhat is easier at installing than
mandrake for a newbie, then I will recommend redhat to them from now

Best Wishes,

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