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Black screen after GRUB

A question from a helpless Linux newbie -

I was installing Red Hat Linux 7.2 (with the help of "Learning Red Hat
Linux" by Bill McCarty) and got all the way to the last install step with no

I was at the Customize Graphics Configuration window and, as instructed in
the book, I clicked the "Test Setting" button. The book says to click this
button and that an "untitled dialog box appears asking whether you can read
it's text; if so, click Yes to accept the current setting or No to reject it
and try another setting".

I never got this dialog box - the screen went black and stayed black. After
a while tons of Linux boot text scrolled by and I eventually landed in GRUB.
I select Linux (the only choice, non-dual system) and the screen goes black
and stays this way. I get an arrow cursor and if I move the cursor around it
turns into an "i" beam (like for inputing text) at certain points of the
screen... but as the screen is all black I have no idea what this could

I have no idea how to resolve this... could anybody point me in the right
direction to solve this problem? What do I have to do?

TIA for any help,

Scott Charles, perplexed Linux newbie

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