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(no subject)

Hello ........It is apparently a rare problem. I am saying so because it's
been 45 days that I posted my problem, but no useful answers. I am reposting
it now hoping some help :

Well I have just get started with linux, and I installed Redhat 7.2
"apparently" successfuly. There is a problem with my sound card and this OS
is eating more than 90% of the 128MB RAM I have, but those are not the worst
thing I am facing.
The big trouble is this :
When I simply insert "any" CD in the CD drive, the system tries to mount it
automatically and it FREEZES immediatley. I tried after Rebooting to mount
the CD MANUALY from a shell prompt (I changed the "mount automatically"
propertiy ofcourse ) and the system freezes too ..
FREEZES means that even the mouse cursor moves no more...and the CD drive
can't eject the disk ...this happens with KDE and GNOME. after about 20
minutes the mounting is over and every thing is OK again ..
What is Very Very Very strange is that the System Clock freezes too, I mean
the time that the system indicates is about 20 minutes LATER...The Clock
really stopped during that mount !!!!!!!!!

It's an LG 40X CD drive....May be it is not suported by RH, cause I found
nothing about LG devices in the compatible hardware listing on
redhat.com.... but I installed red hat using this drive. it's seen by the
system ...

Note : I have a TEAC CD writer too, and the problem doesn't occur when I
mount a
CD in it. The two CD drives work together perfectly On Windows98SE ....

Did anybody face something like this .....????
Hellllllllllp Please

Note :
I installed Mandrake 8.0 and it is all OK now, But I allways appreciate any
remarques about the old problem ..

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