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RE: install

He can use the same hard disk, as long as he gets a program to edit the 
partition table without changing its contents.  I would recommend 
www.tldp.org or surfing through the archives.


On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Nicolas Dumoulin wrote:

> You must have at least a second HD. And make sure that the 2nd HD is on the
> primary IDE. Make sure that the 2nd HD is set to slave with the jumpers.
> Create a boot disk using rawrite in dosutils directory on CD 1 of RH 7.3 and
> the boot.img in images directory of CD 1
> Boot your system with the boot disk.
> Start the installation and choose partitioning with disk druid.
> It should read hd0 fat partition
> And use hd1 for linux
> Also in the installation process choose Grub as the boot loader and install
> it in the mbr of hd0
> Thunder
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> 	De:	DirkDiggler [SMTP:dirkdiggler147 hotmail com]
> 	Date:	23 juillet, 2002 23:38
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> 	Objet:	install
> 	I am trying to install red hat 7.3, I have windows 2000 running at
> the moment and I want to create a dual boot. Can anyone suggest the best way
> to do this? Thanks 
> 	Dirk
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