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can't see lnux box in network neighborhood

Forgive me if this gets lengthy.  First, I'm a newbie to Linux.  Please be

We have a small network here with Windows 2000 Server and a bunch of Win98
desktops.  We're having problems with 2000...and Exchange is throwing one
hissy fit after another.  We decided to try to integrate a Linux box into
this scheme for database housing as well as POP3 and SMTP services.

The first thing we were able to get our fingers on was a copy of something
called e-smith.  We loaded it up and it worked like a charm.  The boss
decided, for whatever reason, he'd like a full-blown distribution instead so
we went for Red Hat 7.3.

It looked like a perfect install.  Everything seems to function locally and
we have a solid connection via the LAN to the Internet.  The only problem is
we can't see the box in network neighborhood.  We can't do a "find" on the 98
boxes and locate it.  It just doesn't exist.

I can ping it.  I can telnet in.  You name it, it works.  Except I can't get
a network logon to it through any of the 98 boxes.  

The Samba configuration looks OK.  The "netbios name", etc. are all there.
The file/directory permissions all look OK.

Any ideas as to what I have missed?

Thanks in advance.

Jim Reese
Sarasota, Florida

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