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Re: RH 7.3 vs. up2date

Robert A. Book wrote:
Robert A. Book wrote:

Congrats to Red Hat on getting RH 7.3 out!

Now, what's the difference between (a) upgrading to RH7.3, and (b)
running "up2date" to update an RH7.2 installation.

In other words, is there any real benefit to one approach over the

Rick Stevens <rstevens vitalstream com>

Uh, 7.3 has additional packages that 7.2 doesn't have such as the
Gnome meeting system, Evolution (a clone of Outlook, hopefully without
the security holes), a newer version of KDE, and (very important!)
a 2.4.18 kernel (latest for RH7.2 is 2.4.9-31) which has a more
efficient virtual memory handler.

All up2date will do is apply any RH7.2 patches that come out.  It
won't upgrade KDE or add Evolution or the 2.4.18 kernel.

OK, thanks.

Now, what do you think of the CD upgrade process?  In the past I've
always done a fresh install, to make sure I don't lose any settings,
configurations, etc.  Is that really a problem?

I've used the CD upgrade successfully many times, but I've heard tales from others that had it fail miserably. Back up your system and caveat emptor!

Basically, I don't have time to do a full re-install right now, so the
choice is to "upgrade" or stay with 7.2, which is not, as far as I can
tell, broken.  (If the more efficient virtual memory handler would
benefit from me, how would I know?)

Well, unless you pound the kapok out of your system, you probably won't see a tremendous difference. I really whack my systems (e.g. mail servers handling >100K messages a day, 12K users; development systems that are compiling, linking, testing, debugging, etc.; large FTP and web servers) and I use SMP a lot, so the memory handling is FAIRLY important to me!

For the average desktop user, the VM improvements really won't affect
you.  They're aimed more at the high end, server environment.
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