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Re: Email Help - WE DID IT!!

On Fri, 10 May 2002,  Rick Stevens commented thusly,

> I always modify sendmail.cf directly, that way I KNOW my changes got.

Well this is easier said than done, its easy for a person with wide
experience like you my friend, but damn unnerving to anyone else, which
all goes to prove that sendmail is a ancient piece of shit whcih was meant
to be configured by guys like newton and einstein.

 I mean guys comeone surely configuring a mta isnt supposed to be SUCH a
difficult task, text based configuration files which are user readable are
the way to go just like postfix and exim. Just see the snippet below, its
nice eisnt it, now we would need m4 and help froma newsgroup to get the
same thing done under sendmail.

# The relay_domains parameter restricts what clients this mail system
# will relay mail from, or what destinations this system will relay
# mail to.  See the smtpd_recipient_restrictions restriction in the
# file sample-smtpd.cf.
# NOTE: Postfix will not automatically forward mail for domains that
# list this system as their primary or backup MX host. See the
# permit_mx_backup restriction in the file sample-smtpd.cf.
#relay_domains = $mydestination

All I can say about sendmail is good riddance to bad rubbish.

Best Wishes,

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