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Re: Redhat contains MySQL & PHP

On Fri, 10 May 2002,  Chris Watt commented thusly,

> The threshold is 32mb. Actually Redhat itself (i.e. Linux) should run with
> 4MB of RAM (but not swiftly. . . Gnome on 4MB would be a bad idea), but the

This is certainly true for the 2.2.x series of kernels, but i dont think
this is correct for the 2.4 series as they are far more memory hungry.
with 4 mb of ram you can just about run only the kernel IMHO.

I wish there was a ram doubler utility for linux just like the softram for
windoze which actually worked, however the cheap ram prices spelt the doom
of softram and other such utilities.

If you have low memory (anything less that 32 and you wont be able to
run x) then you can try a older redhat release baed on the 2.2 series for
example rh 6.2 is a venerable release. Or else you can try debian.

Best Wishes,

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