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NFS Install is Impossible from CD/ISO's

I just encountered a disappointing oversight in the install process for
RedHat 7.3.  I have booted my new system on the bootnet floppy and
proceeded with the NFS image install.  My 7.3 ISO's are exported from
a fileserver.  I don't see the need to burn the images and install a CD 
drive in every machine I have to install when I have this nifty NFS

So after 2 hours of selecting packages and waiting for badblocks, I run 
into a terminal error:  "The file /mnt/source/.... cannot be opened.   
This is due to a missing file... Press <return> to try again".  Well of 
course, the installer doesn't bother trying to "switch discs" in an NFS 
install.  And since it appears to still be using the disc1 image I can't 
unmount/mount the new discs in it's place.  Did anybody ever _try_ an 
NFS install before you rolled this out?  It seems like a pretty important 
feature to me.

Come on, guys, even _Windows 95_ prompts you for alternate paths...

Carl Litt
Network Administrator
Execulink Internet

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