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Re: NFS Install is Impossible from CD/ISO's

Actually I believe the NFS install from ISOs will work expect that they
must be copied to harddisk first.

>From Redhat 7.3 install manual,
"If the NFS server is exporting the ISO images of the Red Hat Linux
CD-ROMs, enter the directory which contains the ISO images."

I take that to mean all the ISO images must reside in the NFS directory
being exported.

I would argue that exporting the ISOs is not the best option anyway.  You'd
be better off building the Redhat source tree first and exporting that.  It
will allow for easier maintenance after the systems are loaded.  Much
easier to load individual RPMs if the source tree is expanded.

You can also use the ISOs for install via FTP.  They just have to be
loopback mounted as disc1/, disc2/, disc3/


rpjday <rpjday mindspring com>@redhat.com on 05/30/2002 01:35:16 PM

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On Thu, 30 May 2002, Rick Stevens wrote:

> Carl Litt wrote:
> > I just encountered a disappointing oversight in the install process for
> > RedHat 7.3.  I have booted my new system on the bootnet floppy and
> > proceeded with the NFS image install.  My 7.3 ISO's are exported from
> > a fileserver.  I don't see the need to burn the images and install a CD
> > drive in every machine I have to install when I have this nifty NFS
> > option.
> >
> > So after 2 hours of selecting packages and waiting for badblocks, I run
> > into a terminal error:  "The file /mnt/source/.... cannot be opened.
> > This is due to a missing file... Press <return> to try again".  Well of
> > course, the installer doesn't bother trying to "switch discs" in an NFS
> > install.  And since it appears to still be using the disc1 image I
> > unmount/mount the new discs in it's place.  Did anybody ever _try_ an
> > NFS install before you rolled this out?  It seems like a pretty
> > feature to me.
> >
> > Come on, guys, even _Windows 95_ prompts you for alternate paths...
> Did you send this info to RedHat via bugzilla?  They would like to
> hear about this sort of thing.

the docs seem pretty clear about this -- all network-based installs
(NFS, FTP, HTTP) will *not* work with individually-mounted ISO images.
these types of ks installs *require* a Red Hat installation tree, with
all of the RPMs copies under a single directory structure on the
server, which furthermore must be under the subdirectory RedHat/RPMS.

this is not a bug -- it's clearly documented.


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