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copying symbolic links > was up2date question

> > I am trying to upgrade ghostscript using an rpm and it says
> that it needs
> > libgimpprint.so.1. This is on my system in /usr/local/lib. Why can't rpm
> > find it? Where should it be?
> When rpm processes its dependencies, it looks only at the database of
> installed RPMs.  So even if you put libgimpprint.so.1 in the "right
> place", rpm would not think it's there because the necessary RPM was
> not there.
> libgimpprint.so.1 normally lives in /usr/lib/, and is part of the
> ghostscript RPM.  Install the latter and it will be happy.

Thanks for that Bob,

I sort of guessed that, and therefore had copied the libgimpprint libraries
into /usr/lib/. But still no go. I did have a small problem in that ldconfig
reported that libgimpprint.so.1 wasn't a symbolic link. So I made it a
symbolic link just like the original, it pointed to libgimpprint.so.1.0.2.

Can you tell me why ldconfig would have objected to this? It is my
understanding that when you copy a symbolic link you actually get a copy of
the file that the link points to with the name of the link; is that correct?

BTW - I still can't get ghostscript to work. No error messages, nothing,
just no output. I have even put a logfile entry into printcap.local, but it
hasn't produced anything yet, which to me implies that the output is being
sent to ghostscript and being received by it without errors. But that is as
far as the file gets. Does anybody have any ideas on configuring
ghostscript? Or can point me in the direction of a mailing list that can
help. The gs ones all seem to be concentrating on development of particular
aspects and not for general queries.


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