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Some questions getting started from new linux user.

Hi. I'm very much new to linux (2 days old).
Installation went fine but there are some troubles I found when I started using it.

1) It seems rebooting doesn't work well. Everytime I try to reboot, my computer stops for quite long and gives me following error message.

   PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
   Copyright 1985-2001 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
   All rights Reserved
   BIOS Version 0F09
   Build Time 02/21/02
   239M Extended RAM Passed
   256k Cashe SRAM Passed
   System BIOS shadowed
   Video BIOS shadowed
   Mouse initialized
   0211: keyboard error
   0260: system timer error

and I can do nothing but unplug the powercord.

2) This is newbie question (:D)
   I use KDE (I wonder which everyone likes: either KDE or GNOME..). Does it have something like "Add/Remove" in Windows system? My hard drive space is very limited, so I like to remove programs I won't use. I have no idea how I could check each programs and remove them if necessary.

3) I have Red Hat Linux installed on my laptop computer. It has touchpad which also works as a button if I tap on it. It is too sensitive to use it and I like to remove its function if I can. Is there anyway to do it? I also like to add the functions on my keyboard, such as volume control and page scroll. Is there anyway to do it?

Thanks very much.

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