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RE: Software RAID

Thanks for the comment! I'm almost at that point right now, but the two
servers are not identical, so it's a pain when I change a config file in
one, then have to make the change in the other. Sometime I'll write a
shell script that copies over all the config files I mess with, but, for
now, it's a pain.

Right now, when one server dies, I tell the router to point to the other
one, and stuff continues on. It's just a pain to maintain, though...



> Why don't you just have two servers linked together.  In the November
> issue
> of Linux Magazine they have an article about having two servers linked
> through an extra network card.  Server two is an mirror of server one.  If
> server one fails, two server can step in without you losing anything.  I
> don't know anything about it really, but the article looked very cool and
> could be the solution to your quest. Much cheaper then build a clustered
> server group.  But you do need two complete servers.
> Mark.

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