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Re: Please, I Need some Gnome Help

At 09:33 PM 12/21/2003, you wrote:

> The path to the problem goes something like this:
> I finally upgraded my XFree86 to the latest RPM from RHN. Running up2date
> via Gnome was failing on something about a configuration file. Finally I
> tried installing it from the console command line (up2date -u). This time
> it said it had a problem with my /etc/X11 directory. So I renamed it. And
> did the same to /usr/X11R6. The install went just fine (well seemed to).

Well, I think you may have bought yourself a heap of trouble there.
It would have been more interesting (and helpful, likely) to have
heard the nature of the problem.  Having now a fragmentary /etc/X11
and /usr/X11R6 is surely the root of a lot of problems.

I would use "mc" with the new /etc/X11 in one side and the old one in
the other and compare directory structures and filenames.  Do the same
with /usr/X11R6.  Ultimately, what you want to do is merge the two
sets, that is, either put everything from the old directory into the
new one unless there is such a file already there, or copy everything
from the new directory to the old, overwriting the old stuff, and then
rename the new directory to <whatever>.new and the old one to its
original self.  If you are knowledgeable of scripting and find and
cpio and such, that can be done pretty easily, or you can do it
manually with "mc".  Ask for advice if you need it.

Once you get that squared away, then see where you are and work from
there.  If worse comes to worse, you can save off your /etc and /home
and reinstall.

Bob, thanks,

I'm certain I bought a hole bunch of it. Oh well. I thought the XFree86 was a complete re-install and that it would create everything it would need.

Anyway, I've got Gnome starting now, but I have problem with the resolution or something. I'll describe that in a moment.

I got to being able to see the Gnome start by doing the following:
Created a new directory /etc/NEWX11. cp -R X11/* NEWX11. cp -R --reply=yes OLDX11/* X11. cp -r reply=yes NEWX11/* X11.
Similarly for the /usr/X11R6 directory.

Then I started x and up came gnome. BUT...
The physical screen of the monitor looks like it is looking at the upper left hand portion of the desktop. It's like I have a resolution mismatch. Like it is trying to display a hi-res desktop, on a low-res monitor. However, both the card and the monitor are capable of much higher resolution than is apparently being used (The icons are large currently).

What should I start checking next. I suspect the config file, but what should I look at first?

Thanks for the help so far!


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