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Converting a windows PC to Linux

Hi all
I have an interesting problem.  I have convinced my mom to try redhat 8.0.

She wants to keep all of her old files, like her email and pictures etc which
are on her windows 98 (Hiss...) system which is a reasonable request. She is
a writer and has no desire to recreate all the work she has done.

The available hardware is :  one (1) IBM aptiva of older vintage.
64 MB of RAM, 500 MHz Celeron., cable modem and linksys router (used as a
firewall) floppy, NIC, CD-rom, and an IDE hard drive.  Thats it. 
(Oh yeah, keybd, mouse, monitor, printer)

The Problem - Is there a way to convert her existing windows filesystem
to one of the native Linux filesystems either just before or just after
installing RedHat 8.0 on her system?  Can I just mount the W98 filesystem
on Linux after installation and copy the relevant files over? Which allows
me to go back and then erase the W98 filesystem. 

I have Partition magic 7.0, which I can use to shrink and relocate her
windows filesystem, but that does not solve the problem of getting her files
out of a windows filesystem and into a Linux based one.

I have searched with the google linux page but couldn't come up with a good
enough target string to locate any tools that can convert the file systems
or any open source alternatives to partition magic.

I'm sure I've heard of some open source alternatives to partition magic before
but I can't recall what/where they are.  Does anybody have a hint?

Thanks all.


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