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Re: rh 7.2 & libncurses.so.4

ZekeVarg wrote:
Try rpmfind.net. Just type lincurses.so.4 in the search field

That won't help, Zeke, as he already has 5.2 installed and 4.0 is older (rpm won't install it without a "--force" due to an attempt to install a package older than the current one).

See my other reply to Chuck for how to use "--nodeps" to ignore the
requirement and make the symlink work.

mån 2003-05-05 klockan 23.23 skrev chuck lawrence:


I need rh 7.2 because my applications require it. I'm trying to install legato networker backup software, and my install says

libncurses.so.4 is needed by lgtoclnt-6.0-1

various resources say I should symlink /usr/lib/libncurses.so.5.2 to libncurses.so.4, but that hasn't helped. trying to find this library has been painful, to say the least. all the promising links go nowhere.

any suggestions?

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