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RE: Dual NIC issue

Waldher, Travis R wrote:

>Ok.. I've got another issue with my dual NICs.. I am sure it's operating as
designed.. But I need to know how to change it.
>NIC 1:
>NIC 2:
>NIC 3:
>Now, NIC 1 is the only card plugged in to the general network.  NIC 2 and 3
are on a private network, but the 31 subnet is used
>elsewhere on the general network.
>If I go to ping a device, say on the general network, it
tries to use NIC 3, instead of NIC1, is there anyway to
>force the issue?

Your basic problem is that you have an invalid network scheme:
two different destinations using the same network address. Since
there is a 136.202.31 subnet on the "general" network you need to
change the addresses on your private network to something else,
e.g. one of the addresses reserved for private networks such as

In the meantime you need to specify under what circumstances you
do want packets routed via NICs 2 and 3. If all of the 136.202.31
traffic is to go to the general network then NICs 2 and 3 serve
no purpose and the fix is to turn them off. If some traffic is
required to go through them then a blanket route through NIC 1
will break that.

Possibly you can specify individual target hosts using host
routes, or if the ranges fall suitably you can subnet below Or if the router you are directing to through
NIC1 can perform address translation you can use that to
avoid the clash. However you still have a "private" network
using non-private addresses and that should be fixed.

>Btw - if this isn't formating at 72 characters, please let me know.

It isn't.


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