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Re: redhat on gateway 9300 laptop

Mike Ault wrote:
I ma thinking of placing RedHat AS 2.1 on a gateway 9300 laptop, anyone have
any gotchas or precautions...for that matter, has anyone done it?


I've never tried any of the server versions, but I'm running RH7.3 perfectly happily on an 9300XL and I did have 7.2 running before (I think AS is based on 7.2). Is there some specific feature of the AS that you need to have running on your laptop?

7.3 is easier. I did have to upgrade the USB and PCMCIA stuff to get my CF card reader, ZIP drive and network card operating smoothly in 7.2. In 7.3 they were all recognized and installed correctly during the installation process.

IIRC graphics wasn't a problem in 7.2.

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