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Re: GRUB Error

On Wed, 2003-05-28 at 08:43, Jayaprasad Rao K wrote:
> hello,
> I have problem with configuration of GRUB.  (LILO works fine).
> My PC configuration is :
> ASUS motherboard with a nvidia chipset
> AMD 2.2 GHz processor and 256 MB Hundai RAM.
> Samsung samtron 56V monitor.
> Samsung 40GB, (7200rpm) harddisk.
> when I have installed Linux 7.3 with GRUB as a boot loader.
> In GRUB while booting if I select windows XP, it is working fine,
> but if I select linux, then I get following error :
>         Booting 'Red Hat Linux (2.4.18-14)' 
>         root (hd0,1)
>         Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83
>         kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.18-14 ro root=LABEL=/
>         [Linux-bzImage, setup=0x1400, size=0x10ea0d] 
>         Error 28 : Selected item cannot fit into memory 
>         Press any key to continue . . . . . 

Try setting the memory when you boot, when grub screen
appears hit 'a' and append 'mem=256M' (or whatever amount
of ram you have) and hit enter.

If that fixes it then change your grub.conf to use that
parametre on the kernel line.

> I got the following solution in Internet, and did the same thing, but
> same error still exists.
> Please give me the solution.
> The solution I got is :
>         Boot with the RH crom1.
>         Select linux rescue.
>         Login as root.
>         At the prompt: type chroot /mnt/sysimage
>         At the prompt: type grub 
>         In the grub utility type: root (hd0,1) 
>         (you should see a message stating that the Filesystem type is
>         ext2fs, partition type 0x83. If you don't see that, you
>         slected the wrong partition and should change it accordingly.
>         For instance, root(hd0,2) would be used if the "/" is located
>         on the first drive and third partition.) 
>         Now type setup (hd0)
>         That is using the MBR of the first hard drive. 
>         If the first two commands don't work, try this from the
>         prompt: grub-install /dev/hda
>         Then retry the first two commands. :) 
>         Now type quite to exit the grub utility.
>         Reboot the computer.
> - Jayaprasad.
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