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hi folks

i would be highly thankful if anyone can tell me how sendmail fetches mails from my .com server on internet

i have redhat 9.0 and sendmail was working ok , since yesterday we are not receiving any mails from outside. i checked my .com server it's ok .
there 's something wrong in my config files.

specifically i want to know which configuration files, service is responsible to fetch mails from .com server.
is it fetchmail/procmail.  i really do not know , i tried a lot rolling my self in /etc/mail folder , observing .mc and other files there but i did not get any clue there.

earlier i used to fetch using vpop3 (windows based)

what i know in general to fetch mails from .com mail server we need following:

mail server ip

i know all these info , do not know which particular file and service is carring all these parameters.

we have one pop a/c , and rest are all aliases under it

help me..

i want to anything i will tell

tell me where should i go and dig in /etc !

thanks in advance



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