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Re: Epson LQ-300+ printer install problems. UPDATE

Graeme Nichols wrote:

Hello Folks,

My old Epsom Stylus Colour 460 inkjet finally gave up the ghost. Blocked up and cannot unblock it.

I purchased an Epson LQ-300+ 24 pin dot matrix but I cannot get it to work satisfactorily in FC3.
On boot-up the printer is detected as an Epson LQ-300+ correctly.
Setting up the queue the LQ-300+ is not listed in the Epson printer driver list so I chose the 24 pin 80 col. printer instead. Sending a print job to it results in a form feed and no actual ink on the paper. Choosing the LQ-300, a nine pin printer, results in the same form feed.
The only printer that I can get it to work as is an generic IBM compatible but the quality of the print is abysmal.

Has anyone managed to setup this printer in FC3 or know what I am doing wrong and can point me in the right direction?


An update to the above. I have been trying all sorts of drivers and for letters and other normal correspondence with OOo Writer the following driver seems to work quite well: Epson-Generic_ESC_P_24-J84

However, I still cannot print from either Evolution or Mozilla Thunderbird with the above driver. I am still in need of help. Hoping someone can come to my rescue. BTW, Epson 'dot matrix' printers are listed as working perfectly on linux-printing.org so I must be doing something wrong. (I have currently overcome the problem of printing from Evolution by creating another queue and using the generic driver 'IBM Compatible Dot Matrix Printer', print quality is poor though)


Kind regards,

Intel CPUs are not defective, they just act that way.
		-- Henry Spencer

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