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Re: Yum dependency Problem after Upgrade ?

On Wed, 2007-02-07 at 23:32 -0500, mylar wrote:
> Howdy,
> Just the other day I updated a FC3 box to FC5 via CD's. For the very
> first time I opted to do an upgrade instead of a fresh install. The
> upgrade went fine, or so I thought. Then some problems crept in...
> I noticed some apps (i.e.) emacs seem to be missing necessary fonts.
> But most important, I can't do any updates with yum. If I try to update
> a (say kde) I get the following dependency eerrors
> XFree86-devel needed...
> xorg-x11-devel needed...
> If I try and install these via yum it doesn't work...
> Any ideas ? Could it have something to do with depreciation of certain
> packages between versions ?? I tried googling around but found nothing
> helpful.  Or should I just go back and do a fresh install of FC5 ??

I'd do a fresh install.  FC5 uses Xorg for X instead of FC3's XFree86.
There's lots of inherent differences between the two systems...
especially in the development trees.  You're running into that issue.

Can you fix it without a reinstall?  Yes, but it can be rather time
consuming and frustrating.  I've done it.  I wouldn't do it again.

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