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Re: YUM Errors !!

On Sat, 2007-02-17 at 17:11 -0500, mylar wrote:
> Hello, I recently installed FC6 on my machine to replace an aging
> version of FC1. Thus far everything has gone well and I am very pleased
> with the performance of FC6 as well as it's many improvements over FC1.
> Quite naturally I have been using yum to perform package updates as well
> as to install additional packages that I need for my day to day work.
> That said I have recently run into a little problem when doing
> installations and updates with yum. The installation or update works
> fine, the proper packages get updated and/or installed but, I am also
> getting a bunch of error messages spit out at the end of each run if
> yum.
> The error message states:
> "db4 error(-30987) from dbcursor->c_get: DB_PAGE_NOTFOUND: Requested
> page not found."
> error:error:(-30897) getting "" records from Requireversion index".
> Okay, anyone know what this means. The package or update gets done fine
> but this message gets spit out a dozen times or more. Someone told me
> that the rpm database is probably corrupt and that I should run "rpm
> --rebuilddb". Any ideas if this will work ??

It can't hurt.  Here's the commands (as root, of course):

	# cd /var/lib/rpm
	# rm -f __db*
	# rpm --rebuilddb

That's two underscore characters before the "db" in the second command.
In fact you may not want to use the "-f" option, but delete each file
itself.  There will be three or four of them, depending on how many
updates you've done.

Note that the rpm command will take a while to complete, so don't panic.

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