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Re: TCP?

Karl Pearson wrote:
I have a new problem on my server. TCP connections are very slow.

For example, if I

# telnet localhost 25

I get the sendmail prompt immediately. But, if I do

# telnet 25

I get connected immediately, but the sendmail prompt comes up about 2 minutes
later. Same for Both IPs are on the same host, different NICs.

If I ssh to the machine, it's the same thing. This is causing email to
time-out and is not sent.

I've checked DNS and bad NICs, but nothing looks bad. Nothing has changed from
my standpoint. I've rebooted my switches and firewall and still nothing
changes. I ran chkrootkit and see nothing different from when things were
running smoothly.

I do have a lot of things in my iptables, so I did

iptables -F

and tried sending an email. It still timed out...

Any thoughts?

This is a DNS issue.  Both sendmail and ssh are trying to find out
where the connection is coming from by doing a reverse DNS lookup on
the client IP.  If there is no DNS service OR there's no "PTR" records
in DNS which correspond with the IP the client is presenting, the system
will take a LONG time before they time out and operations continue.

For ssh, you can edit the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and set

	UseDNS no

(the default is "UseDNS yes").  There is a similar type of option in
sendmail, but I don't have my bat book handy to tell you what it is.
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