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Re: IMAP Login fails

On Tue, September 16, 2008 11:03 am, Rick Stevens wrote:
> Karl Pearson wrote:
>> On Mon, September 15, 2008 5:49 pm, Rick Stevens wrote:
>>> Karl Pearson wrote:
>>>> I have a couple webmail applications: Squirrelmail and Hastymail (for
>>>> WAP browsers, but it has a few bugs, but it's good to have it to test
>>>> with)
>>>> Since provisioning a new server, they won't authenticate. They did at
>>>> first, but in fixing things, apparently I broke something. Since I did
>>>> so much during the first hours bringing the server up, I have no idea
>>>> what could have changed things to the point they are now.
>>> Which "new server" did you provision...a new web server running the
>>> Squirrelmail and/or Hastymail or a new IMAP server that the web server
>>> is trying to authenticate against?
>>>> In either one, I enter my user name and password, and they respond, SQM:
>>>> You must be logged in to access this page, and HM: Login failed.
>>> Did you verify the firewalls permit IMAP service (TCP/UDP port 143) or
>>> IMAPS (TCP/UDP port 993) if you're using IMAPS?  Did you verify the web
>>> server can actually ping the IMAP server (you don't have a bogus route
>>> in there somewhere, do you)?
>>> Can you get on the web server via a terminal and use telnet to log into
>>> the IMAP service?  If you don't know how to do that:
>>> 1. On the web server, enter "telnet name-of-IMAP-machine 143"
>>> 2. Eventually the IMAP server will respond "OK"
>>> 3. Enter "1 login yourusername yourpassword"
>>> 4. The IMAP server should respond "1 OK User logged in"
>>> 5. Enter "2 logout"
>>> 6. IMAP server should respond "2 OK User logged out" and the connection
>>> should break.
>>> If you don't get a response at item 2 above, then either the IMAP server
>>> isn't running an IMAP service or your firewall is blocking port 143.
>>> You can see if IMAP is live by getting on the IMAP server and doing
>>> the same 6 things, but using "telnet localhost 143" at step 1.  If that
>>> works, then you've either got a firewall or routing issue.
>>>> I'm suspecting Dovecot or Apache, but can't see anything that might be
>>>> causing it. I compare this setup to my previous (old HD mounted in an
>>>> external USB housing)
>>> Well, let's try the things I listed above first and see where that gets us.
>> Nice... I broke it myself. The permissions of the php session directory was
>> wrong. I had already gone through everything you said above, before I read
>> this email. You know, sometimes I just get too smart for my own britches.
>> The php session directory had the wrong group, so it couldn't write to it.
>> But
>> that only showed up in /var/log/httpd/ssl_error_log which is the last place
>> I
>> would have looked for php authentication errors. Not that it shouldn't be
>> there, but I just don't know php very well. Oh, it WAS the last place I
>> looked. I guess continuing to look for something after it's found is a sign
>> of
>> something I don't have yet.
> They're called "senior moments" and I get them often.  :-)
> Glad you sorted it out.  You didn't state you were using secure http,
> or I would've suggested that.  I assumed a normal Squirrelmail/IMAP
> installation.  I know, never assume.

You assumed right. I am NOT using 943/IMAPS which is why I wouldn't have
thought to look there either.

And I have senior moments as much as regular moments now... Grandkids do that
to one, eh? :)


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