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Re: Kickstarting CentOS 6

On Wed, 17 Aug 2011, Ronald McCarty wrote:

I've got two questions concerning the installation of CentOS6:

1) Has anyone kickstarted CentOS 6 successfully?
2) What is the complete path for the url --url parameter?  Should it point
to the "root" directory containing all the files and directories from the
DVD media, or should it point to a subdirectory?  I've tried the various
permutations with no luck.

The error I am getting is "Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml).
I'm running tcpdump and see the fetching of the kickstart.ks file (called
centos6.ks in my case), so I have networking and security set up correctly.
I've also got all the files owned by the web server user (apache) and they
are readable when viewing via a web browser.

Any insight is appreciated.

Maybe you should ask this on the centos mailing list.

-Connie Sieh

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