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Re: Sendmail/Spamassasin/Spam

On 3/7/2011 1:55 PM, Bret Stern wrote:

I'm hosted on Verio VPS Red Hat Enterprise 3.

Haven't spent a lot of time with Sendmail, but i'm getting
pissed with all the spam, and probably need a basic understanding
of the mail services.

Sendmail 8.14.4

Can I setup (similar to IPTABLES), reject all mail
except from specific domains using the access db?

I've seen some samples, but not specifically what I want to do....
or is this not a good idea.

As always, thanks.
Check out some of the RBL's you can install using the vinstall command. I believe most VPS' came preinstalled with at least one RBL, however you can install a number of additional lists. You could also try adjusting SpamAssassin sensitivity to handle some of the spam. Not sure how the newer cpanel VPS servers handle the spam issue.


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