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RE: Problems with FTP - Windows to Linux

Which ftp package are you using? Did you configured (or perhaps by default) the ftp server to log domain name instead of IP only?
Hope this helps
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From: Joe Pitz [mailto:jpitz earthlink net]
Sent: 14 April, 1999 3:47 am
To: RedHat-List; RedHat-Install
Subject: Problems with FTP - Windows to Linux

I have a small Windows and Linux network at home.  I have a Windows 98
 workstation, a Windows NT server and of course a RedHat Linux Server.
 All computers have static IP's and all on the same subnet.  I can ping
 all boxes successfully.  Host table has been set up on each machine.
 When I try to ftp from either the Win98 or WinNT box to the Linux box it
 takes up to three minutes for a connection to be made.  When the connection
 is made there are no problems in transferring files from either box. 
 When I ftp from Linux to the Win NT box the connection is established
 When I make the ftp connection from either Windows box I monitor the
 /var/log directory.  The secure file shows an ftp entry the moment the
 ftp is attempted.  But the messages file does not show an ftp entry
 until after the connection is made.
 There are no errors in either file pertaining to the FTP.
 I have tried the DOS version of ftp and CuteFTP 2.8 with the same
 In CuteFTP I get "Socket connected.  Waiting for welcome message..."
 until the connection is made.
 When a connection is made I get the following message:
 220 BIMOTA.DEVELOPER FTP server (Version wu-2.4.2-academ(BETA-18)(1) Mon
 Aug 3 19:17:20 EDT 1998) ready
 Any ideas as to why I cannot get an immediate connection.


Joe Pitz

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