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I've had it, this is pathetic...

	Alright, this is it. I've had enough. I don't know if anyone will even
care about it, but I've had about all I can take, and I'm unsubscribing
from this list. I used to love this list. It was very helpful, and I had
a lot to contribute, I think. Now, it's degenerated (over several
months) into another flame forum. I feel sorry for guys like Chuck Mead
who pretty much ALWAYS have something helpful to say, or if they don't,
won't just post useless crap. I've been following this last thread about
win95 and lamers, keeping out of it the whole time, and this is what
finally convinced me. Don't you people have BETTER things to do? Is this
what you want to show people interested in linux, ESPECIALLY Red Hat,
since it seems to have a lot of the newbie market? And the last bit,
about Chuck's daughter. That was just unnecessary.

	Anyway, enough ranting. I'm out, and I hope I've helped in some way
while I was here, but I can't stand where this list has gone. Those who
have helped me in the past, thank you, and good luck.


Matt Housh                          Email: (jaeger morpheus net)
Morpheus.Net Administrator    Web: (http://jaeger.morpheus.net/)

  "He inched his way up the corridor as if he would rather be
   yarding his way down it, which was true."

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