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Re: Samba Shares... (off topic?)

A few things to check are:

1/    The file system permissions are set okay
2/    In smb.conf, when defining the shares add the line 'write = yes'
3/    If you are using NT to validate the users for accessing the shares
then make sure the user account has more than just                domain
user permissions.


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Subject: Samba Shares... (off topic?)

> I've got my samba server joining my NT domain and I use SWAT to configure
> everything. I see me server in my network neighborhood and I can read all
> the files in all the shares but I can only write to my guestuser home
> directory.
> How do I let myself write to say the /home/httpd directory?
> I've tried mostly with the smb.conf ...
> Any ideas are appreciated...
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