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Re: Suggestions on installing bestpower.com CheckUPS II software

Hi Gary

I have a couple of patriot pro 400 UPSs and I loe them. I have even hacked
their software a bit to provide data for a web page ( see
http://www.lighthouse-software.com/ups ) showing the health of
my ups, as well as configured it to email me when power fails etc.
Submited a bug fix to them too once, and they were nice enough to credit
me with it. I've been meaning to create an rpm for it, but i've been
awfully busy.

Look at the install script if you are wary or curious. If I recall
correctly it just installs ther source somewhere. I think it may ask you
what kind of system you are running and then install the binaries, but I
just built it from the source (provided).

OK, its late and I'm tired, so i'm not sure how much useful info I've
given you. I remebr it being well documented enough to get installed ok,
providing you know what serial port to use (I use a /dev/cua*). Let me
look quickly here. That's right, It puts it's binaries in
/etc/best/checkups (kind of weird I know - nneds an rpm!)
and has a README that describes it all. It comes with some scripts that
are called when power fails, returns, or your battery time drops below a
configured level etc, that you can tweak. 

You can download ftp://lighthouse-software.com/lhsw/checkups_mods.tar.gz
to see the changes I made. The scripts should be fine, but keep in mind
the changes to the checkups.c program are for a probably very old version
by now. 

Be sure to do a good test to make sure it's all working properly. The best
way to do this is plug the serial cable into the PC so it can control it,
but don't plug the PC power cable into the UPS just yet. Plug in a lamp or
something. Then yank the UPS's power and watch the PC handle the power
failure, and then a hopefully clean shutdown. Once it passes this
test, plug in the PC for real.


On Sun, 29 Aug 1999, gnielson wrote:

> Hi, all:
> I just bought a Best Power Patriot Pro 750 UPS, based on positive comments
> I'd read over the months on this mailing list. One major selling point is
> the existence of software to shutdown Linux, something APC has yet to
> provide. However, when I got my drive, the manual is very limited in what
> it tells you, basically to mount the cdrom and run unixinst. I am running
> RedHat 5.0. Has anyone had experience installing the bestpower software
> and can share tips, traps, unforeseen problems, or does it install pretty
> easily and safely? Any advice appreciated.
> Gary Nielson

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