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Is This a Really Stupid Question? Apache SuExec Again

Hello redhat-list,

This has got to be the dumbest question I've ever posed to this list,
because it's been posted three times and I haven't gotten a single
response...here it is again.  If it is really that dumb a question,
then I don't mind if you say so - the silence is killing me.

  Okay, the Apache SuExec documentations states:

> For security and efficiency reasons, all suexec requests
>  must remain within either a top-level document root for
>  virtual host requests, or one top-level personal document
>  root for userdir requests. For example, if you have four
>  VirtualHosts configured, you would need to structure all
>  of your VHosts' document roots off of one main Apache
>  document hierarchy to take advantage of suEXEC for
>  VirtualHosts. (Example forthcoming.)

Now, does this mean that I can use the: " #define USERDIR_SUFFIX "home" "

When compiling in SuExec for Apache, to allow users of my virtual
domains to run cgis from within their "/home/user" virtual domain

Sorry to be a pain, but the Apache documentation just isn't clear to


Best regards,
 Perry                          mailto:perryb badger1 net

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