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Re: SpeedStream ADSL PCI INTERNAL modem - driver module needed (RH 6.1)

On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, Hal Burgiss wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 23, 1999 at 12:49:43PM -0500, Jerry Winegarden wrote:
> > Bellsouth's left us with an ADSL INTERNAL modem and I need a driver!
> > Efficient Networks'  SpeedStream 3060 Internal PCI ADSL adapter.  I
> > need to find a module ASAP.  Efficient's web page FAQ claims they
> > don't have a driver (but were asking for info if anyone has done
> > it).  Does anyone have such a critter? I'm running RH 6.1.
> > 
> > Externals are better, I know, for troubleshooting, and, of course,
> > for multiple machines. I suppose the argument is made that for
> > PERSONAL xDSL connections, an Internal is cheaper than an external.
> > However, the result is that you must have the driver for the card
> > and you can only have one machine (unless you turn your PC into a
> > NAT, which means you have to have an OS that can do IP Masq and for
> > which you have the driver.) This may be why Bellsouth installs the
> > Internal - they think it will force you to use only one machine with
> > the line?  I hope not.  Maybe initially 
> The problem was people were plugging the externals into a hub and
> broadcasting a lot of garbage traffic. BS has no problem with you
> running as many boxes as you want, but they are trying to idiot proof
> it in some respcts. AFAIK, there are no drivers for any internal DSL
> 'modem'. It's possible that if you call and get a decent tech, they
> might switch it for an external. I am pretty sure they have done this
> elsewhere, but is not SOP. It is probably your only hope. Either that
> or buy one at your own expense. Are you on PPPoE/PPPoA or bridged DHCP?
> If the latter, maybe you can find one from someone who has switched to
> cable or a competitor. If the former, then you need client software
> for that as well. They are going to this for much the same reason. They
> have newsgroup: bellsouth.net.support.adsl. There are a few linux
> people there.
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> Hal B
> hburgiss bellsouth net
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	Thanks for the response (thanks to the others, too!)
I guess I should pay more attention to frequent contributors' email 
addresses.  hburgiss BELLSOUTH net !!!

I had surmised that I could possibly talk them into an external.  I also
checked out the modem manufacturer's page (where they admit they don't
have a driver, but ask if anyone's done it yet) and noticed that they
make an external version, too.  One option may be to purchase an 
external, since it might be compatible with what's on the other end.
(Are the ADSL specs clear enough that it won't matter whose box you

I had also surmised that it might be possible to get someone to write a 
driver (with the right incentive), especially since it sounds like the
company,Efficient Networks (efficient.com) , might be forthcoming with the 
specs, if they are looking for someone to do it.

I'm just looking forward to the connection!  I'll get it done somehow,
since it's definitely worth it!  

As far as the motivation for internal cards goes:
	I think that the support issues might be worse than the garbage
traffic.  In the case of an external, I know that GTE says:  "If the
three lights [on the external modem] are on, then the circuit is working,
so the problem is with your machine(s).  How is this accomplished with
an internal?  Since both the card AND the driver AND the computer's OS
must be functioning properly, how can you tell?  How can you divorce
the hardware from host pc's software?  (Or is this some sort of trade
secret? :-)  How to avoid finger pointing?

Jerry Winegarden		OIT/Technical Support      Duke University
jbw oit duke edu 		http://www-jerry.oit.duke.edu

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