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Re: Cdwriter and Redhat 6.2

rpjday wrote:
> sigh.  of course, you're right.  but rather than have this in
> /etc/lilo.conf, i have the following lines in /etc/conf.modules:
>         alias scd0 sr_mod
>         alias scsi_hostadapter ide-scsi
>         options ide-cd ignore=hdc

AFAIK, that will only work if your kernel was built with ATAPI CDROM
support compiled as a module, which Red Hat's kernels are not.   Most
people don't want to spend the time to recompile their kernel, so that
won't work for them.

> (in fact, the last of these three lines is optional -- it still works
> without that line.)

What does `cat /proc/cmdline` tell you?  My guess is that it still has
"hdc=ide-scsi" in there.

>   i can't recall where i read that these lines would solve the
> problem.  anyone want to supply a breakdown of the rationale for
> the above?

Under Red Hat's kernel configuration, the kernel has built-in support
for ATAPI CDROMs.  When the kernel loads, it recognises ATAPI CD drives,
and assigns the ATAPI CDROM driver to them.  When you load the ide-scsi
module, it finds no drives that are without a driver, and does not
assume control of drives that already have a driver.  In this
configuration, you have to give the kernel a command line option that
tells it _not_ to assign the drive a driver.  Having added
"hdc=ide-scsi" to lilo.conf, and run lilo, the kernel will no longer
attempt to assign the ATAPI CDROM driver to hdc.  When you `modprobe
ide-scsi` (or otherwise load the module), it finds that hdc has no
driver, and is assigned as the driver for that device.

If ide-cd is compiled as a module, then your conf.modules example will
work.  Under this configuration, a command line need not be given to the
kernel, because it can be given to the module after system boot.  The
lines you mention in conf.modules will tell ide-cd not to assign itself
to the hdc device, so that ide-scsi can be assigned to it.


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