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Re: swap


You may also want to look at cfdisk. The user interface, though
requiring ncursors, is nicer IMO. Plus, the man page of fdisk says
something like: "Don't use fdisk 'cause it's buggy. Use cfdisk instead."

Anyway, I found cfdisk more intuitive than fdisk. YMMV.


Hidong Kim wrote:
> You can use fdisk to repartition the 1 G space into a smaller swap and
> another regular (ext2) partition.  If you're going to reconfigure your
> swap space, you'll get better performance with one large swap instead of
> multiple smaller ones.  Good luck,
> Hidong
> eric clover wrote:
> >
> > hello
> > first , thank you to all that have helped me on my other questions.
> > next ,
> > my boss set up a mail server , with 256m ram , and a (I don't know why he
> > did this) 1g (yes , I said 1 gig) swap!
> > we are lucky if the server uses like over 500k of the swap at any given time
> > , though I have seen it use, at the most, up to 17megs of the swap.
> > is there any easy way I can free up that unused swap , and maybe have a
> > smaller one , or like 2 128m swaps, without going through a lot of
> > hassle?
> > thank you again.
> > ps.. glad to see that the list is back up and running smooth again
> > Eric

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