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Re: FIX: StarOffice Rant

If the version of RedHat linux was bought, a cd with staroffice comes with
the package. I've been using that for about 2 years now and it works

On Sat, 29 Apr 2000, Jon Knews wrote:

> Hello, whoever is ranting about StarOffice, you should know I run in on
> Redhat Linux 6.0 and on Caldera eDesktop 2.4 and it works perfectly.  But I
> obtained a SUN StarOffice 5.1a  CDROM first, and installed it from
> that...works like a charm. Previous to that, I had some trouble with other
> distributions not from SUN, and some from StarDivision way back when. So
> get the CDROM from SUN. Has all the O/S code on it, Linux, Windoze,
> Solaris, OS/2....
> On 25 Mar 2000, shock wrote:
> > Date: 25 Mar 2000 21:35:14 -0000
> > To: redhad-list <redhat-list redhat com>
> > From: shock <Stephen Virtual-Attorney com>
> > Reply-To: redhat-list redhat com
> > Subject: OT: StarOffice Rant
> > 
> > I just installed StarOffice 5.1 from a CD which was included with the
> > RedHat 6.1 package.  After installation (which went incredibly smooth),
> > I executed the program.  The disk whirred for a few minutes then
> > returned me to the command prompt.    I tweaked my .bashrc file
> > according to the README file and tried it again.  Same result.  So, I
> > perused the README file again and discovered several other files that
> > would need to be downloaded (jdk-1.1.7, et al) and further tweaked
> > before StarOffice would run correctly.
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Jake McHenry
jmchenry oak kcsd k12 pa us

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