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Re: difference between hostname and domain name

> ... When I send a mail from Subash1 to subash2, the sender address is
> read as subash1 subash thakral com kh

Well, this sounds normal; email addresses are "user host".

> But I would like the sender to be read as subash1 thakral com kh

Why?  If you were connected to outside you might want to masquerade
your internal users/hosts as simply "user thakral com kh" (make sure DNS
has an entry for the plain domain name), which is a straightforward
enough MTA tweak, but with a single host and local users mailing
each other, things should just work.

Do the mails get properly delivered?

If you eventually do want all outgoing mail to use the generic
name, look into FEATURE(masquerade_envelope) and MASQUERADE_AS()
if you're running sendmail.

Peter Monta   pmonta terayon com
Terayon Communication Systems

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