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Netfinity System Management Card


We just bought an IBM Netfinity 5000 and need the ability to remote reboot
the machine if it crashes, as the machine will be colocated. Our remote
rebooter operates by cutting the power to the machine and then restoring
power to force a reboot. In other machines we were able to override the
power switch in the bios or by jumpering the motherboard. Unfortunately, I
only now found out that this isn't a feature on the Netfinities. So the
power switch needs to be pressed in order to boot the machine.

Now for my question.. The IBM support say that we can reboot the machine
via the system management card that can be accessed via modem. The problem
is it requires the Netfinity Management software to configure it. And
guess what? There is no linux version of this software on the IBM site. I
thought the Netfinities were Red Hat certified or is this still in

Anyway, does anyone know how to configure or access these cards without
installing another operating system like Windows NT?

Any help is appreciated.


Trevor Astrope
astrope e-corp net

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